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Our wild lettuce is the finest hand picked wild lettuce. We don't use fake Chinese extracts or raw material. All of our wild lettuce is privately sourced, and our products are privately made. The tradition of making these products goes back many a millennial, and we stick true to the original recipes. Our lettuce opium sticky extract contains only 100% pure lactucarium with no sugars, emulsifiers, or gelatines. Our Syrup of Lactucarium follows the original bitter recipe of H. Aubergier as closely as possible. Our lettuce seed oil is made to an even higher standard than even the pharaohs could make. And, our tea infusion is made from 100% raw wild lettuce. We hope you enjoy our shop and soon to be online library! 

Thanks to Steve Quayle and for mentioning wild lettuce in an article. For the occasion, I've ADDED A WHOLE NEW SPECIAL, $24.99 FOR 10 GRAMS. Enjoy!

Here's a direct link to the article, in case you missed it:

We've also added new inventory, including 100 gram tins of lettuce opium.

Planting season has also arrived!

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I hope that you are pleased with what we have to offer and the lower prices. Please contact if you have any questions, or if you find any bugs. The blog will be up and running soon. Shipping is now very quick, with 3-4 day delivery after a business day to process the order.