We'll be launching our wild lettuce tincture soon!

We offer a variety of wild lettuce extracts and remedies. For a long time we haven't offered a regular tincture because there were plenty of companies doing that. We've preferred to stick with the old school apothecary medicinal preparations. But now it has become important for use to finally offer a suitable extract.

So last year I personally harvested about 2222 lbs of wild lettuce, in the killer heat of an unnamed southern state in the US. I wanted to make something special in the world of wild lettuce extracts. I will chronicle this adventure in the blog, which I undertook with my father. It was an excellent time.

I put on snake boots and covered myself against all the bitey insects which would suck my blood. There are several big problems when making a good tincture. First of all, you don't want to burn it. Second of all, you want the lab that produces it, or your own equipment, not to be too quick. A once over of the mash will not get all of the good stuff out of it.

We've done our best to keep all of the richness of the wild lettuce in, as well as preserve a full spectrum of the medicinal properties. I'll add more to this page when I know the final result, but we've made quite a nice quantity of tincture using a very old and trusty maceration method. It will be available online very soon!