Emperor Augustus Wild Lettuce Tea

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Emperor Augustus Wild Lettuce Tea

Our wild lettuce tea is made from 100% loose wild lettuce. It would be more accurately called an infusion, but we call it tea. Emperor Augustus Wild Lettuce Tea is all natural and can be used as a relaxing drink before bed, or for natural relief against the common cold. Many people also find wild lettuce useful as a migraine remedy. This tea is wild, messy, and unrefined. That's what makes it great. It has a pleasing aroma and an ever so slightly bitter taste.

Emperor Augustus was the first emperor of Rome, and was so impressed by his treatment of lettuce infusions that he erected a statue in honor of his doctor whom had prescribed it.

2 ounces: $24.99

Ingredients: Contains 100% cut wild lettuce.

Traditional directions of use: Steep one tablespoon per cup of hot water and strain after a few minutes. Can also be prepared in an infuser. Be sure to strain!

This is not medical advice, and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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