Sticky Extract of Wild Lettuce

  • 10 gram tins of dried wild lettuce opium resin

Sticky Extract of Wild Lettuce

Wild lettuce is a natural pain reliever and sleep aid. It has been a staple of nature's medicine cabinet for many millennia! Wild lettuce extract, also called lettuce opium, or lactucarium, came into pretty big production in the 19th century. The center of this production was in Aubière, France, though it was also grown in the Moselle valley in the southwest of Germany. The method developed by the pharmacist H. Aubergier in Aubière, involved employing the women of the village to cut the plants and harvest the sap by hand. These days it's done by a tailored extraction process using water and alcohol in a modern laboratory.

This extract is freeze dried for handling and becomes sticky in the air.

PREPPER SPECIAL! - 10 gram tin: $24.99

100 gram tin: $149.99

Ingredients: Contains 100% genuine wild lettuce extract with no fillers. Does not contain desiccants or maltodextrine.

10 gram tin: $24.99

100 gram tin: $149.99

Traditional directions of use: Our sticky extract comes in 10 gram packets. According to the classical literature, a dose of wild lettuce extract, also called lactucarium, is 3-15 grains, or .194 - .972 grams. So basically the classical dose is .2 – 1 gram.

In an essay published in 1846, by Emile Muchon, in a book of pharmacy entitled The Chemist, the total daily amount should not to exceed 15 grams.


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