Wild Lettuce Tincture Liquid Extract

  • Wild Lettuce Tincture Liquid Extract

Wild Lettuce Tincture Liquid Extract

Our wild lettuce classic tincture is the best wild lettuce tincture there is! You can choose from alcohol or glycerin based. They both contain 2.5:1 whole plant extract. We've made this tincture from our very own USA harvested wild lettuce using a proprietary macerating extraction technique.

The alcohol based tincture is slightly stronger as it contains 62% extract and alcohol. The glycerin based tincture contains 40% extract and no alcohol. Over the years we've gotten some requests to make alcohol free extract for religious or health reasons and so we've gladly obliged. 

The deep amber color of our tincture shows that it was made with the whole plant and care to preserve the natural qualities of the wild lettuce. The extraction and concentration are done at a lower temperature in order to preserve the medicinal alkaloids. The lower temperature also allows the flavors and aromas of the herb to remain intact. 

Glycerin and Alcohol bases AVAILABLE!

Ingredients: Contains 2.5:1 macerated extract of wild lettuce. The alcohol version is 37% alcohol and the glycerin version is 60% kosher glycerin. The glycerin extract also contains natural preservatives vitamin C and potassium sorbate to prevent spoilage. 

 100 ml (3.38 oz) tamper evident flask: $29.99

 200 ml (6.76 oz) child-proof plastic flask: $49.99

Traditional directions of use: There is no daily recommended amount for wild lettuce tincture. Start with a teaspoon and suit to taste.


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